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Crack Repair Professionals in your local area are here to stop water from coming into your basement and avoid any potential water damage. Your home is your fortress and it’s there to protect you from the sun, rain and snow, and sometimes you’re fortress requires a little of protection itself. Our team of foundation repair specialists can help you in waterproofing your residential or commercial building.  House foundation is the most critical component of the house’s structure. If your house or a business has a foundation crack, fixing this foundation problem is a must in order to prevent damage to the interior structure and furnishings in your home.

How Do I Know If I have Cracks In My Concrete Walls?

Cracks in the foundations are not just aesthetic problems, they can pose serious safety concerns for you and your family. A cracked foundation can either be horizontal or vertical. It’s usually noticed by wet insulation, wet drywall, bubbling of paint, rotted wooden studs behind the walls, wet carpet or even the smell of mildew or mould. It’s not always easy to find a cracked wall in your basement or your work place,  however it’s always recommended to hire a professional company who’s knowledgable staff will isolate and locate the problem area using the latest sophisticated equipment and tools.

Cracks in the foundations are not just aesthetic problems, they can pose serious safety concerns for you and your family. Consequences for not attending to home foundation repair can be dangerous and very costly to the home owner. The cheapest option is to always repair the concrete  crack from the inside of your home as soon as it’s been discovered. If crack-repair is ignored,  this will only cause more damage to the building and add on unnecessary cost to the owner. There are different methods to interior and exterior foundation repair.

Crack Injection

Crack injection is done by filling the full width and length of the crack with expanding polyurethane foam or liquid epoxy. This method of crack repair is permanent and far more superior then any other surface repairs out there.  The best part of injection crack repair is, it is absolutely impermeable and does not allow any water to seep through the crack after it’s been repaired. The second best thing about interior crack injection filling, it’s the cheapest and most cost affective way to repair concrete walls in your dwelling without spending a fortune.

  • Polyurethane InjectionPolyurethane is especially made for concrete wall repair. High pressure, permanent repair to concrete walls from the inside of the house is fast, cheap, affordable and does not require digging a trench around your house. This material is very fast acting, flexible and expends deep into crevices of the crack by filling them completely  air and water tight.  Most of the basement crack repairs are fixed from the inside of the building placing less stress on the customer and its surroundings. The method of polyurethane crack repair consists of holes being drilled along the crack deep in to the concrete, then injecting  polyurethane under high pressure in to the wall cavity.


  • Epoxy Injection: Epoxy injection is another economical method of repairing non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, columns and piers.  This repair technique is capable of restoring the concrete to its preexisting condition. It is always wise to determine the cause of the crack and remediate the problem, otherwise the concrete may crack again.


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