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Post Construction Cleaning Service

Post-Construction-Clean-Up-Service-Edmonton-Max-ProDo you need a Cleaning After  Your Construction Project? Then you came to the right place. After your home or business has gone through renovations you will need to find a dependable, quality cleaners with the proper cleaning skills and equipment to do the job professionally and on budget. Max-Pro team will remove all the paint, cement render, dirt and other nasties from your new glass, so it can look sparkling clean again. We will cleanup and vacuum all construction debris and dust of your floor and steam clean the carpets if necessary and have it ready for your final inspection.

Since  post construction clean is the most important cleaning after the big project, we will make sure that all the markings and scuffs on the walls or floors have been removed, all windows cleaned and all counters wiped. All vinyl flooring might have to be polished and waxed to remove any imperfection in the tiles. We cary heavy-duty auto floor scrubbers and polishers and are capable of cleaning large warehouses, stores, restaurants, schools and other facilities in a very short amount of time by saving you money. Our staff at Max-Pro can also clean furniture, tile and grout buy using high-powered truck mounted vehicles for superior results. Our services don't stop there…,at the end of the project, we will remove and haul away all the garbage and junk from your business or home and have it properly disposed of.


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    Great Service and Fast.

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